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Production typology

Production typology - TECHNO  MILLING SRL

Our production is small to medium-sized items oriented. The core business is focused on the production of high quality, complex parts that can be up to 400 mm. x 400 mm. x 400 mm. However, we also have CNC vertical machining centers with limit switches up to 900 mm. at our disposal. Because of this choice, it is essential to consider the feasibility of the parts to be produced through an in-depth analysis of either printed or digital format mechanical drawings.

As regards the production line batches, thanks to our range of machinery, we can set up small series (10 pieces), medium series (100-500 pieces) and large series (1,000-5,000 pieces) which can be repeated many times by receiving scheduled orders.

It is also important to stress that if items (whatever the number of pieces may be) are ordered on a constant repeatable or scheduled basis, thanks to our multi-pallet CNC machining centers we can eliminate the placement and set-up on re-order phase, thereby cutting down production costs.

The materials

The materials - TECHNO  MILLING SRL

Our well-established business expertise allows us to work with a wide range of rawmaterials on the market. Particularly the ones found as bars (round, rectangular, square) and plates (cut to size) of the following materials:


  • Aluminium and its alloys (Anticorodal, Ergal, Avional, Peraluman, etc.)
  • Brass, copper and bronze
  • Iron and various steels
  • Inox steel (Aisi 303, Aisi 304, Aisi 316, Aisi 420, Aisi F51, etc.)
  • Invar
  • Titanium
  • Plastic materials (PE, PVDF, PVC, Delrin, etc.)



Activity sectors

Activity sectors - TECHNO  MILLING SRL


As previously stated, our company flexibility enables us to satisfy requests coming from a large number of sectors, both requests driven by innovation of the ‘New Economy’ and requests from historical sectors, the most relevant of which are listed as follows:




  • Telecommunications sector
  • Orthopedic sector
  • Medical sector
  • Photovoltaic sector
  • Food sector
  • Oildynamic sector
  • Pneumatic sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Packaging systems sector
  • Welding systems sector
  • Painting systems sector